Patchwork carpets are made from embroidery and annex patches of remains of other carpets, whether classic or vintage. They are hand-embroidered and consist of natural plant colors and natural materials such as wool, cotton and silk. All the stages of making the patchwork are made by hand with high quality threads. These carpets are characterized by being able to be designed completely to measure. We can choose the shades of the colors, the pickling, the number and the shape of the patches that compose it. Unlike other types of carpets, we can achieve the exact measurements desired. The advantage of patchwork carpets is that their manufacture avoids the waste of valuable rugs from different eras. It is a way to recover and give a second life to the oldest carpets. For all this, they are considered unique carpets and full of personality. If you like this new style of rugs, in El Rincón de Fehmi we have a great collection. They are designed by our carpet and trend experts from Istanbul. On the other hand, we have enough resources to design your own carpet. We help you and advise you to select the carpet that best suits your spaces and your style.